Sunday, March 5, 2017

Just Say No To CMSA

Just reading through the extensive complaint filed with the CPS Inspector General agains CMSA and its affiliates. Dan Mihalopoulos covered it here. 

I believe CMSA is trying to pull a "charter amendment" expansion by 100 seats or so here in Rogers Park; there is no way this should be approved until the inspector general finishes an investigation.

Here's a little excerpt of the recent complaint. It's what I've been saying for five years.
In the span of a few years, Akgun and his Gülenist colleagues created a vertically integrated chain of businesses and vendors, all feeding upon a captive customer base of charter schools. In many ways, Concept's founders created a micro-economy whereby the vendor, Concept, can create its own customer base (the charter schools), systematically overcharge that customer base, and then use the resulting funds to create more customers. This micro-economy favors vendors within the Gülen Organization—they get the charter schools' contracts and business, regardless of procurement requirements designed to prevent sweetheart deals, and these vendors are then free to overcharge and underperform with impunity as the crony charter school governing boards do not hold them accountable. This pattern of exploitation, nepotism, and sweetheart deals to favor the Gülen Organization is plainly demonstrated by CMSA's dealings with both Concept and NPL. 

They're creating a little private economy, publicly funded, with no public oversight.

Meanwhile, the Gulenists are in it for the long haul; they've recently come after the most comprehensive Gulen research site,, which was taken down by Weebly after a bullshit copyright claim from the Gulenists in Turkey. The whole thing is explained here. 

There isn't anyone who has researched the Gulen charter schools who hasn't used the now-censored site.

Follow CASILIPS for more information.  The Gulenists are not going to go away; they're relentless-- and despite the veneer of civility, these guys have never once been interested in free speech or human rights, not here and certainly not in Turkey.

One more thing from the recently filed complaint in Illinois:

Like each of the charter schools it creates and manages, Concept itself has been controlled by a governing board of Turkish directors since its inception, and Concept's leadership is entirely comprised of Turkish individuals.10 Concept has also facilitated the immigration of large numbers of Turkish individuals to the United States through the H-1B program. In its own name, Concept has filed 167 H-1B applications from 2001-2015.11 The use of the H-1B program exists in every Concept-managed charter school, favoring Turkish nationals specifically, and in Illinois and Ohio alone, Concept and its charter schools have collectively filed and paid for over 784 H- 1B applications from 2001-2015.12
With H-1B visa costs ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 per application, between $1.6 million and $3.1 million of taxpayer funds have been used to fund the large-scale immigration of Turkish nationals into employment at Concept-managed charter schools. 

784 visa applications!

Ok, more later. For now, a helpful diagram of the Gulen node here in the midwest, from the Amsterdam complaint:

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